Wednesday, March 23, 2011


MII stands for Missing-In-Inaction. The "anti-war" President, who was going to end all wars and unify The United States of America, is a complete failure. Well, not quite; he has failed miserably at fixing the "problems" he said America had but he is succeeding beyond expectations at destroying the American way of life and the American Dream.

Why is this "anti-war" phony getting involved in a war with Libya, now that Gaddafi was not harming the U.S. interests? What is behind this that we cannot see? Soetoro doesn't do anything without a hidden purpose; what's in it for him or his cause? Could it be that King Abdullah, to whom Barry bowed on bent knee, requested help with Libya's revolution out of fear of some of the same in his country? I mean, America could not interfere in Bahrain!

What was that Rahm Emmanuel said? Oh yes, never let a crisis go to waste. Saul Alinsky also added: if you don't have one, create one!

Let me see if I get this straight. Barack Obama refuses to apply the existing laws to protect the U.S. from illegal immigration which is destroying the economy of the country, but starts bombing Libya and putting American soldiers at harms length in a war that shouldn't concern him? What about Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, etc.?

Obama told Americans that he had achieved consensus; what a joke! With his friends in the U.N., Barry put together an agreement of sorts, glued with chewing gum. Needless to say that it began falling apart as soon as the non-agreed upon bombing of the tyrant's compound started. What might have given "some authority" to this so-called coalition was the fact that so many Muslim nations were participating. Well, not anymore.

Now, where in the U.S. Constitution does it say that the U.N. has the right to authorize the President of the U.S. to engage in any military expedition? Wasn't that the prerogative of Congress only? Sorry, that was when the constitution meant something in America; that was B.S.. (before Soetoro).

Big chunks of the world are falling apart before his eyes and he doesn't do anything, yet he bombs the heck out of Libya for no reason? Was there an intern under his desk? I don't get it! The Mexican drug cartels are taking over parts of the Border States and attacking American citizens and Barry is MII?

What's going on? Is this part of the plan to bring the U.S. to its knees and have the U.N. take over the leadership of the world? I mean, the most horribly incompetent president couldn't do what this clown is doing to destroy "his" country. Oops! I forgot this is NOT his country.

Perhaps it is part of the plan to create such a chaos in the world that people will accept with more ease the One World Order? Every time I hear that, I think of Spooky Dude.

Speaking of whom, I don't think Barry is dithering, I think he has trouble deciding which one of his masters to listen to. Spooky Dude? Union bosses? George's appointees in the White House? Decisions, decisions.

I grant you that he may be hesitant in foreign policy, or is he? However, as far as "fundamentally changing The United States of America" (his way), he has succeeded without a doubt. Can America recover from his destructiveness? Not unless the GOP starts acting p.d.q. in following the mandate that was given to them last November.

I had warned the GOP to smarten-up and make no concessions on dramatically cutting spending. If these idiots shut down the government as some of their clowns have threatened to do, let them; they will not be elected for office in at least twenty years and they know it.

The small (petty) achievements in spending cuts have already been countered by Barry's foolishness in Libya. Speaker Boehner: cut drastically, cut quickly, the future of America is at stake and, by-the-way, so is the future of your party.

The corrupt left-wing senators are planning on holding a hearing on Muslim's rights. Let me throw in my two cents. Regardless of anything to the contrary, I think the Western civilization must adopt reciprocity, that is, whatever Muslims allow non-Muslims to do in their countries, we must allow them to do in ours. If our women are required to veil, when visiting a Muslim country, their women must un-veil when in ours. If they allow us to build Christian Churches in their countries, we must allow them to build Mosques in ours, otherwise, no way José!

O.K. that was more than two cents, it must be at least a buck or two, but since the dollar is almost worthless…

Now I have a question: What do you call a person/s who swore to defend and protect the Constitution of The United States and repeatedly, fail to do so? I can't think of the word for it right now.

I think it is the same word that would be used to name someone who sells secret documents to a foreign power, but what do I know? I just can't think of the word, but it is at the tip of my tongue!

The worse part of all this is that the Prez doesn't have a plan or a slightest idea of how to proceed and he's flying on a wing and a prayer. Time will tell how it all ends.

Once more a reminder to the GOP: if you want to save the nation, listen to the Tea Party members who were elected last November.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero