Sunday, March 27, 2011


Generally speaking, I have a tendency to being impatient but life has taught me to keep that weakness under control. There are two things however, that reverse my usual restrain, and they are: stupidity and dishonesty

As I have expressed before, I expect the hard core Marxists, etc., to do what their agenda forces them to do (dishonesty); they couldn't achieve their goals though without the help of what Lenin defined as "useful idiots (stupidity)." Those are the masses that follow the demagogues who have existed and manipulated people from time immemorial. They need to wake-up and think for themselves.

O.K. so you are/have been one of those useful idiots; welcome to the club! I have been one too. The question is what do you need to see in order to open your eyes? People who were Soetoro's supporters are changing rapidly to the other side, in view of the atrocities this administration is engaged in. Are you waiting for the administration to pass the point of no return, before you react? Sorry, by then it will be too late to save the nation and, I might add, this is what the Obama crew is counting on.

Unfortunately, the establishment of the GOP has too many created interests in keeping some things the way they are. America needs you to shake your head, understand the situation and push the hell out of your elected representatives in both houses so they wake-up and smell the proverbial coffee.

If you're waiting for Congress to do it for you, you are doomed, for they are too entangled in a web of deception and it will take a titanic effort to bring things back to normal.

It is time to act! If the presidency has been obtained by improper means, the time was two years ago to force the issue and investigate thoroughly, making sure that any and all who can be proven guilty, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I'm tired. Tired of hitting my head against the wall and seen "useful idiots" still supporting the most damaging administration to ever rule over the USA. In fact, as of now, more than 50% of the voters don't believe Obama qualifies to be president under the constitution. It's a far cry from the few, like me, who believed that from the beginning!

I will use an analogy that perhaps some might not agree with.

Anyone who has lived in a building infested with cockroaches, knows full well that trying to disinfect one apartment at a time, is doomed to failure. What is needed is to empty all the apartments, carefully fumigate, and clean-up the mess afterwards.

For the purpose of the analogy, let's say that politicians are similar to cockroaches, so to speak. Americans need to empty both houses of congress and the White House, "fumigate" and clean-up the mess. Yes there are exceptions to the rule and a number of elected officials must be accepted back into their seats but perhaps with some conditions:

a) The moment they breach the Oath to preserve and protect the Constitution… they are out!

b) The moment they are caught with their hand in the till, or breaking the law they are out!

c) The moment they betray the interest of the People of The United States of America, they are out!

d) They must be elected for a very limited number of years altogether, after which time, they must be replaced.

e) They must never permit a president to stray from the principles established by the Founding Fathers.

f) They must always force a balance budget and never again borrow money for programs they can't afford.

g) If the president does anything unconstitutional, he/she must be impeached.

I have more ideas but these will suffice for the moment as far as Congress and The White House are concerned.

I should say that, in order to redress the wrongs of the past, some other decisions must be made.

For example:

Under no circumstances should illegal immigrants be permitted to stay in the country, nor be recipients of benefits that are exclusively for American citizens.

Those who are now in the U.S. illegally must be deported.

The existing immigration laws must be applied always; the public must be protected.

Employers, who give work to illegals whether by lack of knowledge or neglect, must be punished for their illegal actions.

Instead of attacking a country which currently was not harming the U.S.A., those resources should've been applied to the protection of America's borders whether against illegal immigration or drug cartels.

Any attempt to curtail the freedom of religion, which is now rampant against Christians, must be stopped as per the constitution.

Any judge or justice participating in judicial activism must be removed from the bench.

Any immigrant showing preferential allegiance to any nation other than the U.S. must be deported and if he/she acquired U.S. citizenship, it must be cancelled.

The Federal Department of Education must be abolished as redundant and unconstitutional.

Any person or persons engaging in acts against the constitution or anti-American acts of any kind must be prosecuted and if found guilty, his possessions could be confiscated as a form of compensation.

The Educational system must be rescued from the hands of Marxists who are re-writing history and teaching the fake one to young Americans.

All public service must be de-unionized.

Any president or law maker wishing to change the constitution must do it openly and by following the established procedures.

Failure to act immediately of the above or similar ideas will result in the loss of the America we all love.

I know some things are a repetition, but as one of my recent articles stated, we learn by repetition.


God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero