Thursday, February 24, 2011


That was the slogan that Marx and Engels wanted to resonate throughout the world in a global revolt and class war. They failed then, but they could win if we are not vigilant.
Now I think we’re seeing in the United States  a counter slogan: “Taxpayers of the World, Unite”!
It’s about time that the taxpayers get up and defend their right not to carry in luxury, the public employees who have better salaries and much greater benefits than the average smock footing the bill.
The principles of the free enterprise don’t apply to the public service sector.  If a company cannot afford the unreasonable demands the non-right to work states grant the unions, they simply fail and the workers lose their jobs. This is in part why the big automakers committed suicide in the last few decades. That and government meddling and over-regulating.
The public sector on the other hand, has great deal of lassitude since its deficits can be pushed into the future so they can avoid confrontations with the unions in order to preserve the jobs of the elected officials; selfish, irresponsible behavior, but one that is all too common in our politics.
There are solutions to those problems; one is to have every state in the union adopt the right-to-work legislation. Another one is to de-unionize the public sector and all essential services or have them subject to arbitration without appeal.
Of great help also, would be to impose terms for all elected positions including those in the unions. That way, the elected officials anywhere would not become the kingpins that have now often transformed into.
I don’t want anyone to think that this is an anti-union article, I recognize the need for unions in the early twentieth century however, two wrongs don’t make a right and we see now the union bosses becoming the oppressors of the shareholders and the management.
It is always wrong to take from Peter to pay Paul and, with the ridiculous unionization of the public service, it is those who have less who have to support those who want more.
Pay equity has been twisted and misused to suit the agenda of the left. What it really should mean is that, employees in the public sector for example, get an equivalent pay and benefits as similar jobs in the private sector will bear.
As stated in prior articles, people must realize that the coffers are empty; even worse, the debt is reaching figures that would be impossible to pay for generations to come. Is that fair to your descendents?
The housing bubble burst in 2008/09 and the rest of the economy, under the “leadership” of Barry Soetoro, is about to burst any time.
What to do?
Any household knows that when the poopoo is about to hit the fan, you must cut expenses drastically and do without the superfluous in order to get out of debt. If it isn’t already too late, that’s exactly what American governments at all levels must do, so get on your phone, your Internet or your snail mail and contact all members of both houses, your state and municipality, with warnings that those who vote for raising the debt ceiling and/or refuse to cut expenses will not be re-elected next time they are up for election, regardless of which party the claim to represent.
Folks last November you didn’t win the war, you just won a battle. It is paramount that you continuously keep the pressure on your representatives as a reminder of who’s the boss and who can do the firing. It is sad that it came to this, but I believe it is absolutely necessary since for decades, congress and all elected people have grown to think that they are in control, rather than the voters.
May you open your eyes to reality if you haven’t done so already and may God Bless America as He has done so often.

Joseph A. Gamero