Thursday, February 24, 2011


Quite often I don’t like pussyfooting around the issues and I rather grab the bull by the horns to deal with the matter at hand. Political correctness makes me sick and, unlike so many others, I refuse to use the word “gays” when referring to those attracted to their own sex; I use the word homosexuals which is what I learned in school for that purpose.

The same with the word “progressives” that is what they call themselves nowadays. I, use the word “Marxists” which is what they really are.

The Narcissist-in-Chief is not “progressive,” he’s a Marxist and, he’s surrounded himself with other Marxists and some Communists; (notorious Communists, well known Marxists and other criminals, is what he grew-up with and many of his mentors were/are Communists).

Even when he claims to have converted to Christianity, he chose a church where no true Christian would have attended for twenty days, let alone over twenty years, and put-up with the vitriolic hatred spewed by its “pastor.” I say “when he claims” because to the best of my knowledge his baptismal certificate hasn’t surfaced as of yet; but then again, neither have his long-form birth certificate, his passports, his school records or any other pertinent papers which could prove he has the legitimate right to sit in the Oval Office.

Now let’s look at who supports him. No doubt there are many people who genuinely believed what he said and voted for the infamous and undefined “Hope and Change,” thinking that it was what the country needed. To those, I say: “I understand we all make mistakes.”

Aside from the above, there are those who always voted Democrat and feel an obligation to do so, in the belief that the party would have done its due diligence as well as the Congress, and the candidate had been vetted. To those I say: “please be more careful next time around.”

The question of the legitimacy of his candidacy has grown from just a few, to over 51% unbelievers thus far. As for Soetoro’s promise to govern by bi-partisanship and to consult with the other side of the aisle as well as to unite the country, let’s take a careful look at that.

For the two years during which the Hypocrats (the Dems of the left who now control the party) had absolute dominance in both houses, Barry Soetoro refused to meet with the Minority Leaders on multiple occasions; he rammed down the throats of those shall we say in opposition, everything he wanted to and then some, i.e.: Obamacare which an overwhelming majority of voters opposed as well.

Oh well, you may be saying, he did unite the country, right? Nothing could be further from the truth because since the end of the Civil War, the country has never been more disunited than it is today, with more and more states looking at nullifying Obama’s “achievements” or even thinking that secession may have to be considered at some point.

They say: “three strikes and you’re out.” Well, the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has had a few more than three strikes so, why is he still there? Why is it taking so long for the system to take a look at the many legal procedures vis-à-vis his constitutional qualifications and satisfy the legitimate aspirations of the more than 51% of voters who now don’t think he qualifies to be president?

Voters make mistakes like the rest of humanity, especially when the last bastion of fairness and justice, the Jurassic Media, fails to do its job or is in advance sold-out to a cause. As they say in the U.K.: “a dreadful pity”!

Now, I realize that things are changing at a faster pace than Mr. Soetoro would like them to, but not as fast as many Americans would prefer.

The pathetic approach to foreign policy by the current president has lost the Middle East for the cause and we’re getting closer to the Caliphate the radical Muslims have been pushing for since the fall of Damascus Empire. Some forked tongues insinuate that the Obama minions are behind those events, but what do they know, right?

There are other fast-paced events though, where there might be more reason to suspect the current administration’s involvement if one listens to some sources. Those events have to do with the unbelievable behavior of some union bosses in places like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, etc.

Rahm Emmanuel said: “never let a crisis go to waste,” while Rules for Radicals states that when there’s no crisis, create one. Why were the union bosses bringing people from the outside in buses in such quantities? Theirs was not a spontaneous protest, it was carefully planned and organized to suit the extreme left-wing agenda.

Folks, the cupboards are bare; there isn’t any more money and there hasn’t been for decades. As usual, when one borrows money it has to be paid back and, since there isn’t any, it has become absolutely necessary to cut-down d-r-a-s-t-i-c-a-l-l-y to manage the shortfall.

It makes no difference how many protests you organize or what kind of violence you use, as is usually the case with the left. There isn’t any money left to carry on as usual! I know that it worked in Russia in the early 20th century, but this is neither Russia, nor the early 20th century and there is no royal family, however the Obamas may wish they were it.

Speaking of Obama, some people think he’s brilliant, some think he’s not; personally I don’t think he’s very bright because if he were, he would have understood that orders from Spooky Dude or not, America is not left leaning on the contrary, it is right leaning.

That explains the reaction of so many people when the vapors of election fever faded away, and the Tea Party surged spontaneously. Of course it is very difficult for the extreme left to understand spontaneity because they have none. All the left does is calculated to suit its agenda, organized to the last detail and executed any way it is required, including coercion and threats.

The Tea Party would have been an alarm in the mind of a clever person, which Obama is not. In spite of all the maligning the Jurassic Media, the White House and the current administration engaged in, they could not discredit the Tea Party movement one iota, on the contrary, they help it grow more and more by the day. Thank God for the stupidity of the left!

The Tea Party has become like a powerful lighthouse guiding ships in the ocean. Now Barry Soetoro and his minions are looking to me like a scene we’re so familiar with in the movies: the bad guys are running away from the cops in the middle of the night and there’s a helicopter with a powerful light focused on the fugitives and guiding the cruisers in their pursuit. Naturally, the bad guys are shooting at the light trying to extinguish it so they can live the scene in the dark. Good thing they are all in favor of gun control and have a terrible aim.

There’s a God! May He Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero