Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Energy Armageddon

The entire law is summed up in a single command: "LOVE your neighbor as
yourself." Gal 5:14

Once again current events prove Conservatives right. After decades of
screaming to produce our own oil and becoming self sufficient the biggest
producers in the world explodes. While Premier Hussain Achmed was making
points with the enviro-nazis in shutting down the Gulf exploration and
development we make ourselves even more dependent than any time in our
histoir. We are now standing on very thin ice hoping the spring thaw isn't
about to happen with the Mooselimb crazies. Thanks to four decades of
vilification of our energy industries we have 15% unemployment and closing
in on $4/gal waiting for the adults to return.

President Bush had a comprehensive energy program that included drilling
offshore as well as the Alaskan desert, the building of refineries, building
nuclear and clean coal plants that would have us nearly independent by now
and a steady source of both gas and electricity, rather we are starving. His
energy plan would have likely avoided this recession or at least minimized
it with its abundant energy production. Thanks to the DNC and a few self
important Repubs like McCain and the usual reach across the aisle types who
have left us wondering when we will ever quit chasing windmills and
rainbows. There is absolutely no way we can ever grow our economy if we lack
a plentiful form of oil and electricity.

Anti-American libs like obozo look at oil companies with complete disdain
knowing they are the lifeblood of capitalism. Communists like him want
America to have as high a gas prices as Countries who have no resources, and
would be happy if they went to $10/gal. When prices go there after being
strangled for supply and have to pay inflated world prices to stay in
business, politicians like Bama will blame Big Oil for being too greedy and
need to be nationalized where greed and waste will be
really! Then they will be monopolized by a corrupt gummit looking for
another way to feed the black hole of overspending driving those gas taxes
and prices as a way to redistribute through taxation. America will be paying
over $10/gal if and when they can find any gas stations just like every
other DC program. High prices will drive up transportation costs on every
item you buy and use. How else to drive the serfs to bicycles and mass

Perhaps the worst of many decisions he has made in his Soviet transformation
was the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. There was no need to call for a
moratorium other than his petty need to destroy the Gulf oil economy since
there is no way he will be carrying any of those states as well as they're
obvious recovery from his recession. For him it was a twofer since he was
able to punish a part of the Country he hates as well as cause more serious
damage to the economy in general. Now we have the ME going from a powder keg
to a full blown explosion and are in real danger of losing over half of the
world oil supply. We are in this position completely due to the catering by
the DNC to the libs and their religion of earth worship. They have insanely
forced us to set aside our abundant resources preaching that the use of
fossil fuels somehow was a sin to their earth gods. This earth cult has put
us exactly where we are both economically and spiritually.

When he axed what he can do to help small business as well as the average
worker, releasing the oil workers from his prison would be the biggest thing
he could possibly do. He won't do it since he only asked the question as a
campaign speech rather than a serious quiz. There is no way he wants small
business, let alone big business to succeed until they are thoroughly
punished for their past crimes. He is a fundamental cultist to the communist
utopia and will continue to destroy America until he can become the Premier.
In his warped mind everything is going according to plan except his
rejection by the American people. Elitists are so brainwashed in their
belief of superiority they have no concept of a better way than theirs. So
as the world melts down and our energy prices climb into the stratosphere he
simply smiles in his smug condescension thinking he will become the American

We need our leaders to pound this message like Michael Mooreon at a $5
buffet. This is the most basic message of pure capitalism. You need a free
flowing plentiful supply of fuel or you will have friction in the economy.
The more gummit interference you have in that flow of fuel and the more
problems you will have which will lead to unemployment, foreclosures,
bankruptcies and unrest. When you have this happening to the world's
economic engine you will experience starvation and riots in the Turd world
Countries. Turd world gummits already have the economic friction Ohbummer is
trying to institute here. It is up to our leaders and Patriots to make sure
he fails at his goals so America may succeed in hers.

These leaders have to explain the difference between Conservation and
development of our resources versus enviroligious extremism. There needs to
be a reprogramming of America teaching energy is a resource that can be
harnessed and used responsibly to make life easier and better for everybody
rather than a select few. Energy development can be an all hands on deck
economic generator rather than something to be avoided and left in the
ground wasted. We need to not only take the chains off our energy companies
but encourage them in expanding and developing these wonderful gifts to make
all our lives better. This re-education will lead to better lives for
everybody as the engine of this economy is fed and fueled by an abundant
supply of gas and electricity. Rather than vilifying these producers of the
lifeblood of jobs we need to lift these producers up and let them realize
the importance they are to all of our futures. When that happens we will not
only help ourselves out of this self induced morass but will move the rest
of the world into the future. We have been running on empty and it's time to
fill America's tank and start the engine. We need energy to light our City
on the Hill.

Pray for America