Friday, September 3, 2010

Obama Backs Violent Labor Leader

By Thomas E. Brewton

Obama, the self-styled man of peace, the reconciler, and the hope of mankind, is cozy with violence, from Islam to labor unions.

Labor Day should be a reminder that labor unions are quintessentially socialist organizations, taking their origin and character from the Marxian doctrine of class struggle.  Employers are the enemy, to be hammered into submission without regard for the destructive effect on everyone else, on the theory that business profits are theft of money that really belongs to the workers.

Violence is inherent in labor unionism (see IWW - Organized Crime in the Labor Market and Labor Unions: Socialism’s Shock Troops).

Labor unions’ successful extortion requires shutting down schools and businesses for months, inconveniencing the great majority of citizens and inflating the cost of living.  Meanwhile their goons are ready to beat up dissenters on the home front.

If you want to know why manufacturing jobs are disappearing from the United States, begin your research with labor unions.  It’s obvious that our older manufacturing sectors are at a competitive disadvantage with other nations, because labor unions have driven wage rates and supplemental benefits to multiples of those elsewhere in the world.  The automobile industry, forced to the wall by union militancy, is typical.

American automobiles and trucks, as recently as the 1950s, on the whole were the best in the world.  Union militancy following the end of World War II started the destruction of the auto industry and its thousands of parts suppliers.

Because businesses can’t survive without profits, heavily unionized manufacturers are forced to squeeze lower prices from their suppliers.  Among other things, product quality suffers when manufacturers are compelled seek, not the best quality component, but the cheapest. 

Non-union workers in supplier companies get squeezed with lower pay checks in order to support the unwarranted, parasitical wages, medical benefits, and pensions extorted by predatory labor unions. 

Bear in mind that the Obama administration’s first priority is not victory in Afghanistan or forestalling Iranian nuclear bomb ambitions, but buying continued allegiance from labor unions by directing so-called stimulus money from you to them.  This is today particularly evident in public employee unions, where total compensation is 30% to 100% higher than among non-union employees in the private sector.

Michelle Malkin details the most recent example of Obama’s liberal-progressive coziness with violent labor unions, for whom he desires to eliminate worker choice via secret ballot.