Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Are Running Out Of Time!

Joseph A. Gamero

I’ll say this a la Reagan: “Well, there you go again!”  The most unqualified Speaker of the House in the history of the USA, Ms. Nancy-“Tea Partiers are bringing Swastikas”- Pelosi, now wants to investigate those who are opposing the affront of building a Mosque a stone-throw from the place where 3,000 people, mostly Americans, died at the hands of the radical Islamists on 9/11/01.

How KGB of this administration!  How about investigating those who, for political reasons and a desire to humiliate Americans, insist on the closest site to Ground Zero they could find, to build their Mega-Mosque?

Americans sure have changed since 1775! The Revolution started for less than 1/100th of what these Communists are doing! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating an armed revolution, we’re much more civilized in the 21st Century; there are ways though, to end the destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

When will Americans wake-up? What does it take for people to put two and two together and see what is happening?  The damage inflicted on America up to now, by this illegal, irresponsible, anti-American bunch of creeps, may be soon beyond repair. O. K. I have to stop being wishy-washy, I know. I better start telling it like it is.

During the Reagan days and, in spite of the horrendous experience under Jimmy Carter, would you have believed that America will be soon, under the “leadership” of a fake Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. surrounded by the biggest collection of America-haters it has ever been assembled inside the U. S.?

Gee! Duh! The alarm is ringing, wake-up guys and gals!

Once more, probably the best way to nullify everything that can be reversed, of what these guys have done, is to get REALLY SERIOUS about the constitutionality and thus, legality of this presidency.

Look.  Barry Soetoro has lied to you from the beginning. In fact, I think that the only truth he ever told you is that he would “fundamentally change the U.S.A.”

To this day, well into his second year of usurping the presidency of the most powerful (now also most broke) nation in the world, no ordinary American citizen has a clue of where he came from or what his true credentials are. RRR! It makes one cringe!

There’s some serious evidence of who is behind him and it is not pretty. Do you know the true motives for why he and his Marie Antoinette are living in the White House?

Why is he backing the NYC Mosque? Why has he not yet chosen a church in D.C.? Why did he call himself a Christian while attending the church of another America-hater who continuously spewed vitriol against his country and why did Barry not flea the place like Oprah did?

Why is it that no one can find a trace of his conversion to Christianity, nor of his baptism? We know that he was registered at birth as Barack Hussein Obama and that his father was a British Subject from Kenya. We also know he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, his mother’s second husband and a citizen of Indonesia (making Obama Indonesian as well) and became Barry Soetoro. There doesn’t seem to be a trace of his acquiring American citizenship at any point in his life.

Why did he celebrate Ramadan while refusing to participate in various Christian events and to attend the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts? We know from his classmates that he could recite the Qur’an without an accent.

Why is his past, and indeed everything about him, so secretive? Has there ever been another president as enigmatic as this one?

Why is he vacationing, playing golf, etc., more than any President before him ever did during a time of crisis?

Why was Marie Antoinette frolicking in Spain while so many Americans are struggling to put food on their family table? She seems to be saying “let them eat cake” by implication. Gee, I hope there isn’t an American Robespierre around here!

America resembles more the old Soviet Union by the day and you’re losing more freedoms and more private enterprise every week. Two of the largest auto manufacturers, some of the largest financial institutions, medical care and much more, are already in the hands of these tyrants.  The country needs affordable energy and this administration has a moratorium on drilling for oil. How much more are you prepare to take?

If you agree with me, do something. Talk to friends and relatives; join a Tea Party; subscribe to blogs like this one; write to your “representatives” in both houses. Do your own research.

If you don’t agree with me and don’t do any of the above and/or other things, kiss your country good-bye.