Sunday, August 15, 2010

What’s in a Headline? “Family: Racism caused Conn. gunman to snap”

By Nicholas Stix
Mass murderer Omar Thornton
and his girlfriend, Kristi Hannah

If the predominantly white MSM has sought to paint black race warrior Omar Thornton as a victim of white “racism,” it is because the MSM see in him an ally in the race and class war that they are waging on ordinary whites.

The above headline, about black shooter Omar Thornton’s August 3 mass murder of eight whites and wounding of two others before killing himself in Manchester, Connecticut, is both completely false and completely true; completely false, because the “family” is claiming that white racism caused him to snap. Completely true, because Thornton’s own racism caused him to snap. (Please do not confuse Omar Thornton with the many other alleged recent black mass murderers. I realize that it’s getting harder and harder to keep these stories straight.)

The “family” of the headline is false, either way, because it refers not to Thornton’s family, but to that of his white girlfriend, Kristi Hannah. (Or is this some sort of diversity redefinition thing, where you not only call someone a “spouse” who isn’t, but now call people unrelated by blood or marriage a “family”?)
Kristi Hannah's mother, Joanne
Yet relatives say Thornton, 34, finally cracked after suffering racial harassment in a company where he said he was singled out for being black in a predominantly white work force.

“Everybody’s got a breaking point,” said Joanne Hannah, the mother of Thornton’s longtime girlfriend.

According to the girlfriend’s mother, “Thornton had said he found a picture of a noose and a racial epithet written on a bathroom wall… Her daughter told her that Thornton’s supervisors said they would talk to his co-workers.”

(Note that reporters immediately took third-hand rumors as gospel, because the rumors indicted white murder victims as “racists.” The mother said the daughter said the thieving, mass-murdering boyfriend said…)

Most whites or Asians who have worked at any job with extensive dealings with black colleagues or customers have had to endure constant, often violent racism. And yet, I never hear of any of them coming to work and blowing away blacks. (I said, “most whites or Asians,” because in such workplaces there is frequently a small number of whites who stay on the good side of the blacks by setting up their fellow whites for racist abuse. Diversity trainers praise such anti-white whites as “allies,” and encourage their viciousness. The “allies” are pillars of what I call The New White Racism: Whites who engage in deliberate racism against their own race. Among the upper classes, The New White Racism has a strong class component. Much of the passion animating the New White Racists is their class hatred of poor, working-class, and increasingly lower-middle class whites. The NWRs make common cause with racist, incompetent blacks and Hispanics, whom they favor, in order to protect their own children from having to compete for admission to highly selective universities, and later for fast-track jobs against gifted but impecunious whites.)

Omar Thornton was a despicable thief and racist. He was caught on video stealing from the beer distributorship that employed him, but instead of being arrested, as the owners would likely have done to a white man they had caught stealing, the Hollander family that owned the distributorship apparently never even considered prosecuting Thornton. Indeed, so concerned were the liberal Hollanders about Thornton's delicate self-esteem that they gave him the option of resigning, rather than of being fired. He signed his resignation only seconds before beginning to murder his benefactors. Thornton, 34, went to the workplace armed with three guns, had planned on killing as many whites as he could, and regretted to a 911 operator that he hadn’t killed even more whites: I wish I coulda got more of the people

The Hollanders are so liberal that company president Ross Hollander, 63, sued the government of his town, Bloomfield, to force it to spend an additional $94 million on behalf of black schoolchildren, has been involved in liberal racial activism since the 1970s, and is known for maintaining an “integrated social life.”

Omar Thornton shot company VP Steve Hollander twice, but Hollander survived. He said that Thornton took “many good people today for absolutely no reason at all, people who've never said an unkind word to him. He was just shooting at anyone that was near him and just cruelty beyond cruelty,” Hollander said.

Outside of the Daily News’ Virginia Breen, however, the MSM weren’t interested in Hollander’s view. You’ve got to stay on message.

A WCBS-TV news report mentioned that Thornton let some workers live, but gave no further explanation. Of course not, they were non-whites!

Thornton’s uncle, Will Holliday, said of Thornton’s telephone call home just before the latter killed himself, “He said, ‘I killed the five racists that was there that was bothering me.’ He said. “He said, ‘The cops are going to come in so I am going to take care of myself.’”

“Racists” is just a code for “whites.” But Thornton murdered eight whites and shot two other whites, as well. He was a liar, even in his last moments.

According to his girlfriend, Thornton was a hapless victim of racism: She claims that he had seen a drawing of a noose in a bathroom stall, accompanied by the “n-word,” and overheard colleagues in the bathroom saying that they were going to get rid of him, referring to him with the same epithet.

Even though depicting a noose was a crime in Connecticut—the First Amendment be damned—and had he been telling the truth, Thornton could have cleaned up in a shakedown discrimination lawsuit, he had never complained to his union, his employer, or any public agencies.

Union President Bryan Cirigliano must have been one of the “racists” to whom Thornton was referring. After all, Cirigliano was one of the first people Thornton murdered. Cirigliano’s “crimes”? Helping to get Thornton promoted to driver one year ago, and defending his rights at the August 3 meeting. But Thornton’s grieving white girlfriend, Kristi Hannah, is unbending in her fidelity to the “racism” narrative.

Like millions of other blacks in this country, Omar Thornton was in the grips of what I call black race mania. The more whites helped him, the hotter his racism burned, and he projected his own shortcomings onto them.

During the 1960s, some observers took to calling black militants, “People who won’t take ‘yes’ for an answer.” Over 40 years of black racial privilege in education, employment, and the law has led to the lunatic black fringe having since become the lunatic black mainstream, and now most blacks have the mentality of the militants of yore.

Thornton was apparently functionally illiterate or barely literate (his girlfriend claims she wrote a letter for him to sign), and not mechanically inclined, either, having lost a previous job as a truck driver, because he couldn’t get the hang of driving the rig.

According to his girlfriend—for what her word’s worth—he quit other trucking jobs, when he was allegedly cheated out of raises he was due.

Although his employer, Hartford Distributors, was a union shop and promotions were thus based on seniority, he couldn’t understand that, either, and saw the system as “prejudiced” against him. He felt that it was wrong for him to have to have to start at an entry-level job. When he started, he wanted to get a driver’s job, without waiting his turn. (“Why we can’t wait.”)

And so he complained to his union boss, though not of “racism,” insisting that less qualified workers were getting promoted. And the union head went to bat for him, and he got the driver’s job. It’s still not clear whether he was entitled to that job, or got it through whining.

(That union head would be the late, aforementioned Teamsters Local 1035 President Bryan Cirigliano. Thornton decided that Cirigliano and the Hollanders were cousins, and were conspiring to get rid of him. The brilliant conspiracy apparently involved getting Thornton a job paying up to $60,000-a year in salary plus great benefits, and then manipulating him, through mind control, into stealing and reselling the company’s property.)

But getting a job that paid him so well, considering his meager abilities, didn’t satisfy Thornton, either.

Seniority rules meant that the new driver got the crappy routes, and had to work much harder than the other guys, but Thornton again saw himself as being harassed.

So, he “handled the problem,” as he told the 911 operator, before committing suicide.

Millions of young blacks today—almost all young blacks—grow up being told by parents, black (and white!) educators, black social workers, black preachers and black (and white) politicians that they are victims of (white) “racism,” and that any harm they do to whites is thereby justified. It’s no wonder that, although the vast majority of blacks live in predominantly black areas, black criminals go out of their way to victimize whites, more than they do blacks.

And though the MSM has long had a full-court press on, to censor reporting on grisly black-on-white racial atrocities, and to demonize as “white supremacists” those who complain or write about them (including yours truly), heinous acts such as the Wichita, Knoxville, Pearcy and Manchester massacres are becoming increasingly routine (see here for a partial list of other such atrocities), not to mention the increasingly popular pastime of black men raping and sadistically murdering lone white women, such as the Imette St. Guillen, Laura Dickinson, Jennifer Moore and Anne Pressly rape-murders

In Missouri's 2008 Kirkwood Massacre, a black, occasionally violent, perpetual traffic scofflaw who owed thousands of dollars in parking tickets, Charles “Cookie” Thornton, 52, decided that he was a victim of white racism. So, Thornton went to war, murdering two white police officers and three white city council members who had offered to forgive his traffic tickets, shot and wounded two other whites, and attempted to murder an eighth white, before police shot and killed Thornton. As I said of that atrocity, You may not be interested in race war, but race war is interested in you.

If the predominantly white MSM has sought to paint black race warrior Omar Thornton as a victim of white “racism,” it is because the MSM see in him an ally in the race and class war that they are waging on ordinary whites.

(I was helped in writing this article by reader-researcher RC, to whom I am indebted.)