Monday, August 23, 2010

VIDEO: Pro-Mosque Protesters Show Their Ant-Semitic Side

Pro-mosque protesters held a rally near the Ground Zero Mosque location this weekend. After challenging a speaker who denounced the "Jewish, Zionist Israel" the cameraman making this video was hit, expelled from the group and, ironically, called a bigot and a racist.

No word on when the pro-mosque group will denounce the anti-Semites from within their ranks.

WARNING: Strong language.

OK so I went down to cover the protests both for and against the proposed mosque at Ground Zero and when I questioned the blatant anti-semitic racism of one of the pro-mosque supporters who was on the soap box speaking to the crowd I was yelled and cussed at and told to let him speak. One of the pro-mosque supporters then cussed me and I told him about his need for a dentist and then when I went back to filming the next speaker I was hit in the head from behind and my camera grabbed by the f-bomb dropping man, so I then kicked him and the anti-semites then turned on me quickly and to the NYPD's professionalism they were in the mix within seconds to escort me away from the turning mob of hypocrites who cry racism when speaking of those against the mosque yet promote and support it themselves. How dare I question a racist anti-semite!