Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama: Muslim missionary? Part 3

Chuck Norris (Read Part 1, Part 2)

In response to the Pew Research Center poll that indicated one in five Americans think President Obama is a Muslim, a week ago the White House released a rebuttal insisting that the president is "a committed Christian."

Those words remind me of those from President Teddy Roosevelt, who said, "Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action, and we have trusted only to rhetoric. If we are really to be a great nation, we must not merely talk; we must act big."

Even more apropos, Christianity's founder, Jesus Christ, said we would be able to distinguish authentic Christian leaders from false ones not by what they say but "by their fruit [or actions] you will recognize them."

And Obama's actions are again our focus here in Part 3.

In Part 1, I began to demonstrate how the President is using U.S. Special Envoy Rashad Hussain, his own presidential position and others in his administration to deepen and expand the partnerships between the United States and the religion of Islam.

In Part 2, I detailed Obama's real spiritual beliefs based upon a rare in-depth 2004 interview by a religious reporter for a major newspaper publication, including his beliefs about prayer, sin, heaven, the Bible and the person of Jesus.

Now, in Part 3, I will demonstrate how Obama categorically has been prejudicial in his treatment of Islam versus Christianity.

My question is: Just as Obama committed for Muslims in Cairo in 2009, why doesn't he also consider it his responsibility to "fight against negative stereotypes" of Christianity "wherever they appear" too, especially since the majority in Americans still profess affinity with Christendom, and he claims to be "a committed Christian"?

As president, why doesn't he defend the rights of Christians too, especially those whose voice and freedoms have been suppressed because of opposition?

In just the last few months, why didn't the president step forward and stand up publicly for any of the following Christians who had their First Amendment rights trampled upon by others, just as he had done for Muslims who are attempting to build the Ground Zero mosque?

  • Why doesn't the president stand up for the rights of Christian organizations, whose rights to hire same faith or mission-minded employees are protected under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment, but are right now having to urge Congress to reject legislation that would prohibit them from hiring only fellow believers?
  • Why didn't the president stand up for the rights of the North Carolina pastor who was fired from his duties as an honorary chaplain of the state house of representatives after he closed a prayer "in the name of Jesus"?
  • Why didn't the president stand up for the rights of those in Utah who erected 14 memorial crosses on highways for state troopers killed in the line of duty, but were told by federal judges they are to come down because they are unconstitutional?
  • Why didn't the president himself stand up for the human rights of the Christian missionaries and medical team in Afghanistan, including six Americans, to practice medicine and their faith, even after they were murdered by Islamic extremists? Wouldn't other medical missionaries in Afghanistan appreciate Obama's defense more now than ever?
  • Why didn't the president stand up for the rights of the Christian student who was booted from her graduate counseling program at a public university over her belief and conviction that homosexuality is morally wrong?
  • Why didn't the president stand up for the three Christian evangelists who were arrested for sharing the gospel and singing hymns on a public sidewalk outside an Islamic mosque in Philadelphia?
  • And, mostly, why didn't the president stand up for the rights of the Greek Orthodox Church, the only church that was actually destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks, as church leaders have been frustrated and fouled by New York officials who have virtually turned their backs on the reconstruction of the church near Ground Zero?
Gone are the days when even Thomas Jefferson, hailed as the great separatist who fought against the tyranny of denominational sectarianism in the state (and vice versa), nevertheless endorsed the use of government buildings (like the Capitol) for church services, signed a treaty with the Kaskaskia Indians that allotted federal money to support the building of a Catholic church and to pay the salary of the church's priests and repeatedly renewed legislation that gave land to the United Brethren to help their missionary activities among the Indians. He also fought for years against Muslim extremists who tried to threaten U.S. citizens and trade abroad in the Barbary wars.

Today, however, we have a president who, according to his own confession and 2009 Cairo creed, considers it "part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear" and create "partnership between America and Islam." (Notice again: a country and a religion, not a country and Arab states.) Moreover, Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference Rashad Hussain is being called to "deepen and expand the partnerships that the United States has pursued with Muslims around the world since President Obama's speech in Cairo last June."

And that's exactly what the president has done. In countless speeches and actions since taking office, Obama has sympathized and supported pro-Islamic ideologies and practice. That is why the New York Times even recently published a multiple-page report on how the "White House quietly courts Muslims in the U.S."

The U.S. State Department just reported, under the guise of "cultural affairs" and "Cultural Preservation 2010 Awards," that it is giving away U.S. taxpayer funds to 63 foreign historic and cultural sites in 55 nations, including $50,000 for an Islamic Monument in India, $76,000 for a 16th century mosque in China, $67,000 for a mosque in Pakistan and $77,000 to restore minarets (tall slender towers attached to Mosques) in Nigeria and Mauritania. Should the State Department even be funding any of these religious quests, especially when the U.S. is broke? (To be fair, they are also giving monies to restore early Christian Frescoes in Greece, 17th and 18th century church paintings in Peru, etc., too.).

Is it any surprise that another recent poll shows an increase in Jewish and Catholic citizens who more inclined to vote Republican in November?

If a self-proclaimed non-Muslim president would fight repeatedly for Muslims' religious rights to the degree that our president has, don't you think "a committed Christian" president would at least fight once for any antagonistic oppression of Christian faith and practice, too? Yet, on no occasion since taking office has President Obama stood up publicly for a single Christian individual, group, church, act or event, whom or which was being opposed or oppressed by others.

All of it makes me ponder the application of the verse in the biblical book of James, which says, "Faith without works is dead."

Even more apropos might be Quran 4:76: "Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah."

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