Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero Would Be Recruiting Tool for Al-Quaeda

By John W. Lillpop

In his haste to endorse a Muslim mosque next to ground zero, President Obama overlooked a major objection to the proposed construction:

Namely, a mosque at ground zero would be a tremendous recruiting tool for Al-Quaeda.

Imagine the Osama bin Laden sales pitch to young, Jihad-aspiring Muslims:

“The devil (America) can be defeated, Allah willing.

“He has made possible the construction of a Holy place of worship at the very site where 19 of our most courageous and dedicated Brothers brought down structures built by and for Zionist pigs.

“Allah made it possible to build a monument to Mohamed Atta and the other 18 warriors for Islam before the infidels could even complete their plans to rebuild the destroyed Twin Towers.

“The devil can be defeated, Allah willing.”

Furthermore, President Obama simply does not seem to appreciate the fact that the mosque would create significant anti-Muslim sentiments with the potential to poison relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims in America.

All in all, the very idea of planting a mosque at Ground Zero is a completely stupid idea, which is why Obama is 100% for it.

Which is why this November voters must kick Democrats out of the U.S. Congress.

America needs a congress comprised of patriotic men and women dedicated to the best interests of our blessed nation and heritage. A congress that will stand up to and stop President Obama who on so many issues who seems dedicated to the destruction of our values and America itself.