Monday, August 9, 2010

Mexican ‘Federales’ Protest Corruption Within Their Ranks; Detain Commander With Cartel Ties

The protesters complained that the commander, identified as Inspector Salomon Alarcon Olvera, had ordered the detention of another officer who had criticized him. They accused Alarcon of having links to drug cartels and participating in kidnappings, killings and extortion.

About 200 members of the Federal Police stationed in Ciudad Juarez rioted in the La Playa and rebelled against their superior officers, arresting and beating the commander Solomon Alarcón, whom they accuse of corruption and require daily quota of money.

From 07:00 hours was shift change, the Federal Police with their uniforms and hooded rioted at the hotel where they stay, on Avenida Adolfo Lopez Mateos y Hermanos Escobar, same streets that were closed to traffic the same agents.

Adolfo Lopez Mateos Avenue was blocked from Escobar Street to Benjamin Franklin Brothers, opposite the old Consulate.

Feds told the press that the rebellion is given "for ill-treatment by their superiors, who asked them" quotas. "

All demanded the presence of the commissioner general of the Federal Police, Facundo Rosas Rosas, to expose this situation.

The officers demanded the presence of a Federal Prosecutor to search the room of the commander Solomon Alarcón, where they said drugs with which he had extorted "seeding" of detainees and their own companions.