Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mea Culpa

Joseph A. Gamero

I have said repeatedly from the beginning of the last nominating campaign, that Barry Soetoro was an empty suit. I also said that Americans were not stupid enough to put him in the White House. I was wrong on both counts. Mea Culpa!

It is obvious that the latter took place and many voters were “stupid” (blind) enough to do it. It is also obvious that a great number of voters wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

As per the first part of my statement, I sincerely apologize; Barry is NOT an empty suit; the man is pure evil!

He knows exactly what he’s doing when he follows the orders he gets from his various bosses all of whom are extreme Marxists or otherwise enemies of the U.S. In fact, he didn’t chose all the Czars that surround him; he was told to hire them and, in many instances, they tell him what to do.

It is sad to realize the depth of the crimes being committed against the Constitution as well as the coldness with which they are being carried out. Everything is calculated to inflict as much harm as can be possible and as close to it being irreparable as can be achieved.

The left has been waiting for decades to “fundamentally transform” the U.S. A. and, I have to give credit where credit is due; you were told so by BHO himself. Unfortunately, too many people were angry and didn’t really listen to the words. What was needed was devolution of powers TO THE PEOPLE from what had gradually become an abusive government; not a transformation of the U.S.A. Remember for the future: never vote against something, always vote in favor of something else.

Many of us didn’t realize the brilliance of the Founding Fathers when they wrote The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Neither did we understand the enormous amount of work they put into the task. Furthermore, we didn’t understand how close to perfection the result of their efforts was. Thank Obama for helping you understand.

Let’s face it; The U.S.A. is the best political experiment in the history of mankind and it created the greatest nation in the world with the most freedom ever and the best opportunities for success of all times.

Pity that, starting with Theodore Roosevelt (RINO), Woodrow Wilson (Hypocrat), FDR (Hypocrat), etc., the destruction of the nation and the erosion of people’s rights have come to where they are today. I mean, this illegal and corrupt administration will by-pass the Constitution, violate your rights, legalize the stealing of your hard earned money, betray the principles of “We, the People,” lie, cheat and connive until it gets what it wants.

The people are against bail-outs? So what? The administration knows best, so they take control of the largest financial institutions, auto-makers, Health Care; defund the military; apologize for almost everything America has done in the past decades as if America were the Great Satan its enemies pretend it is…

“Sorry Europe, we apologize for liberating you twice. It will never happen again! Sorry world, for having contained Communism so that it wouldn’t expand throughout the globe. In fact, to prove how sincere this statement is, we promise not to interfere with the take-over of Europe by radical Islam! Honestly.” But I digress.

In the glorious past of the nation, the brave soldiers were given medals for their valor; now, they want to give the soldiers medals for “restrain”! What is this? Are they trying to make “sissies” of American soldiers? Oh, sorry I forgot, they want to repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” thingy, so maybe the answer is yes. They have prosecuted soldiers for doing their duty, for crying out loud! The enemy has more rights than American combatants do.

Lately, more and more people are talking about impeaching Obama. Sorry folks, I think that’s wrong. It’s not the first time I’ve said that and, those who read me regularly know it. Impeachment would legitimize what is fundamentally an illegal take-over of The White House and would serve no purpose.

What is needed is to finally get serious about demanding proof of legitimacy from the, until proven differently, usurper-in-chief. If he is legitimate, you act accordingly in the next general election. If he’s not, OUT! That is the ONLY way to undo the wrongs that have been done to the country. That’s the way of removing from the Supreme Court the clearly-biased appointed Justices Sotomayor and Kagan. By-the-way, the seven dirt bags who sided with the Hypocrats to confirm Elena Kagan, must be punished in due time by the electorate. This charade must never be allowed to happen again!

Next, the Republican Party must go back to its principles; send the RINOs where they belong, with the Hypocrats! I have often said that Conservatives win when they act as Conservatives and, they lose when they move to the left. Bush moved to the left and that’s the only way they could take The White House illegally.

Look, enough Marxism already, O.K.? You must take back The White House, The House of Representatives and the Senate. But that’s only the beginning. The America that was created so brilliantly by the Founding Fathers must be restored so “We, The People,” get back the freedom, the opportunities, the greatness and the happiness of the past.

If to achieve that, amendments to the Constitution are necessary, then by golly! Amend away! Make sure that a foolproof system to nip corruption in the bud is part of the new way and for Pete’s sake; implement term limits for all offices so there never again “professional politicians” can exist in the U.S.A.