Tuesday, August 3, 2010


By Frosty Wooldridge

On my recent trip through Arizona, nine out of ten Arizonans I interviewed, agreed with their new law SB 1070 and applauded Governor Janet Brewer. They admonished the federal government for not doing its job. They lamented the failure of Senators Jon Kyle and John McCain for doing nothing to protect their state. They remembered the shooting deaths of fellow Arizonan Rob Krentz, Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle and the continuance of a human invasion over their border.

“Did you know we’re the carjacking capitol of the world with 57,000 cars stolen annually?” one said.

“How about our state being the kidnapping capitol of the world?” another said.

One educator from California said, “I teach in an urban high school in Inglewood, Ca, very close to LAX Airport. The student body is roughly 30 percent African American, 70 percent Latino, mainly Mexican. Many kids are gang affiliated. My classroom is graffiti'd (often with a 13, Mexican Mafia affiliated sign, M in the alphabet is the 13th letter) almost daily, I catch them once in awhile, but I have to put in an extra hour or two each week cleaning it up after school. They even etch the LCD monitors on my classroom computers! They have no respect for public property or themselves for that matter. The overall attendance is very bad with the Latino students.

“We use a block schedule, and a lot of them are out 12 days or more during a semester. They'll disappear for days or weeks at a time, and then expect a passing grade when they can't pass the content tests. Many who do come to school won't do their class work or homework. I get called a racist because I'm white and won't pass them. And, because they are absent or won't do the content work, the California Standardized Test (CST's) scores are low. The middle schools in Inglewood are on Performance Improvement, high schools will be for sure as the students progress through their grades. Morale is low, many district teachers are worried that the state will make an example of our district and take over the schools and fire everyone under the guise of NCLB.

“All the while, the charter and private schools are getting the better students, which just about guarantees our school's ultimate failure. Public schools have to take students with bad grades or behavior problems, Charters and privates do not. I have tenure, but the California budget mess which is affected by illegal immigration might result in my being downsized in a year or two.

“If I get downsized, I will look at selling off the house and relocating out of California, but eventually the problem will be everywhere.”

That’s the ground level dilemma for states overrun by illegal aliens. Yet, a big city columnist like Eugene Robinson, totally out of touch with reality while sitting behind his fancy desk, wrote, “Christmas came early for demagogues The court decision putting a hold on the worst provisions of Arizona’s new ‘anti-Latino immigration law’ is gift-wrapped present to those who delight in turning truth, justice and the American way into political liabilities.”

Notice how leftist writers utilize incorrect verbiage ‘anti-Latino immigration law’, when it fact, the law addresses only illegal alien migrants working and living in Arizona in violation of federal and now, state laws.

Robinson continued, “Attorney General Eric Holder chose a narrow argument: that the draconian measure was blatant usurpation of the federal government’s prerogative to establish and enforce immigration laws.”

Reality check: our federal government failed to enforce our laws for the past 30 years. SB 1070 mimic federal law and proves fair, equitable and reasonable on all levels. But Robinson’s use of the word ‘draconian’ shifts reason into ‘emotional’ bias. Never mind Arizona’s failing schools, bankrupting hospitals and bursting prisons filled with illegals! Never mind that 460,000 illegal aliens wreak havoc on jobs, quality of life and safety for Arizona citizens.

Writers like Robinson enjoy the fruits of law and order, but denigrate the U.S. Constitution for their own emotional slant. He uses ‘xenophobe’ to term anyone that disagrees with him. In the end, he calls all illegal aliens, “…the vast majority of whom are law-abiding and productive.”

Reality check: all illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $346 billion annually, year in and year out. (Source: Edwin Rubenstein report at www.thesocialcontract.com ) Whether law abiding or not, they broke our laws and they remain in violation of our laws. Every single one of them can be deported at any moment.

While Robinson enjoys his rights, freedoms and life via the U.S. Constitution, he uses his quill to tear down law and order, and denigrates all legal immigrants that stand in line—lawfully. That’s why 18 other states stand in line to follow Arizona.