Saturday, August 28, 2010

Joe Biden’s Continuing Denigration of the Vice Presidency

By John W. Lillpop

Remember back in 2008 when left-wing pundits and naysayers were warning America that Sarah Palin as vice president would result in an intellectual melt down in the White House?

Not bright enough to be in a responsible slot they claimed. America needs more brain power in the candidate that could wind up being president.


Well, perhaps Sarah Palin is not Mensa material, but she is one hell of a lot brighter than Joseph Biden, the gaffe-prone court jester currently making a mockery of the “Exceptional American” theory which holds that we have the best and the brightest in charge of things in America.

Biden’s latest Oops! moment came this morning when the addled VP reportedly said the following:

“Biden conceded that the economic recovery was not proceeding as fast as the administration had hoped, but claimed there was ‘no doubt we're moving in the right direction.’”

This idiotic statement at a time when:

* New home sales slumped to slowest pace on record;

* Foreclosures head toward one million for 2010

* Bankruptcies at five year high

* Job losses continue with unemployment still out of control

* Federal deficit at 13 trillion and growing

This is “moving in the right direction,” Mr. Biden?

Thank goodness we have a mid-term election in which voters can diminish the influence of the Obama-Biden comedy act which, by the way, is not all that funny these days!