Saturday, August 28, 2010


When Obama became General of the military, not unlike Hitler, and Dictator of the USA , he opened the floodgates to defeat; not only for this country but for his extreme minded Progressive Party as well.

He has taken charge of our good sense and turned it into a mish-mash of incoherence and radical extremism that of which aligns itself with Muslim-Islamic fanaticism, or to be kind: extremism.

It is a matter of time, after the troops finally pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan when Iran makes its further advances into and within these vulnerable and incompetent and corrupt countries.

Iran, along with Russia; China; North Korea; and even France. France and Russian Alliance goes back to pre-WW1. The French have always sought out a big brother for its own survival. Both of them, feeling comfort in their symbiotic relationship are helping to collapse any hope for peace in the Middle-East.

While International maneuvers are taking place, the chess game is being neglected by Obama's humble obedience; irrational-philosophical extremism and self- adornment.

While the athletic Obama and his vacationing family, traveling abroad ,and swimming in hostile waters; blinded by the Sun and relaxing very comfortably on our dime, are insulting the American People. However, despite their their splendor, a new war front is developing close to home--in our home: the brewing MEXICAN-AMERICAN CONFLICT or Border War. This Administration the Mexican Government are both complicit, in that both are aiding and abetting the Mexican invasion of our border states for political gain. The tension is mounting there; enhanced further, by a corrupt Mexican Police Force who is part of the problem. The drug traffickers and the Mexican Police work hand- in-hand, for profit and death. A perfect storm for the vacationers. I almost forgot: the Obamas love storms. They whirl winded the American People and they did not flinch---we did however! And we are going to continue to flinch, on their HAPPY SHIP STORM .

The Obama family better hurry up and spend our money before he leaves office in a couple years, because the next President will have a splendid time, without much time for extravagant vacations due to a malignant economy to eradicate; along with the international mess that will be left behind; not to mention, mending the Constitution and nullifying crazy dictates and mandates; ridding erroneous policies; along with the wackadoo czars and beauracracies. Oh yeah, finally to leave businesses alone: laissez-faire!!!

Obama's legacy will be one that is tattooed in incompetence, cloaked in radical-Progressivism and grandiose vision; blinded by his glowing self love, that helped guide this country into an economic tailspin, while he adorned himself in folly. This era, his legacy, will be long remembered as the' ERA OF THE IRRATIONAL'.

The next President, hopefully, is not a Progressive/radical, one that will help restore fiscal responsibility; Constitutionally limited government, and a free market; as well as LISTENING TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!! and one who will RESTORE OUR LIBERTIES!!!

Hopefully, we will elect a President, and not a dictator, and elect a Congress that will represent us.