Saturday, August 21, 2010

Iran Goes Nuclear, Obama Goes Swimming!

By John W. Lillpop

In a jolting reminder of just how far the American brand has fallen, the Islamic state of Iran began start-up of its first nuclear reactor, a gift from the rejuvenated “evil empire,” AKA Russia.

As reported at, in part, at reference 1:

“BUSHEHR, Iran – Trucks rumbled into Iran's first reactor Saturday to begin loading tons of uranium fuel in a long-delayed startup touted by officials as both a symbol of the country's peaceful intentions to produce nuclear energy as well as a triumph over Western pressure to rein in its nuclear ambitions.”

While the world is pushed to the brink of nuclear confrontation between Iran and Israel, America’s Marxist Muslim and part-time U.S. president is off to Martha’s Vineyard for his sixth—sixth!---vacation of the year.

Critics are pouncing all over President Obama for his “fun in the sun” excesses, particularly now that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has nuclear power.

By the way,the notion that Iran is going nuclear only for “peaceful purposes” is so absurd that only a goofy, misguided, and na├»ve Muslim community organizer with a Marxist mind set would believe it.

Which brings us back to the world’s greatest obstacle to peace, that being Barack Hussein Obama.

Welcome to Martha Vineyards, sir?

To show their appreciation for Obama’s visit, the locals released the following good news:

Portions of Tisbury Great Pond, the salt-water lagoon fronting the first family’s vacation estate Blue Heron Farm, were closed earlier this week due to high levels of enterococci, an indicator that the water is contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria.”

Fecal coliform bacteria?

Good heavens, the president would be better off in a gulf state, on an oil-blasted beach, than the icky stuff at Martha’s Vineyard!

Still, given his disastrous approval ratings and the poor prospects for Democrats in the upcoming election, perhaps fecal coliform bacteria is what Obama deserves?