Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Illegal Immigrants are playing Monopoly!

Tony Caputo

Illegal Immigrants cross our borders illegally and then the Democrats give them Welfare and Public Assistance to stay in America.

Every Politicians who voted against English being the Official Language of America should be investigated for the following:

Are they in bed with Corporate America who pay the Politicians off NOT to enforce our Federal Laws against Illegal Immigrants being in America?

Then Corporate America can hire these Illegals for $5.00 per hour and increase their profits.

Also, how many Democrats and Rino's do nothing about the Illegal Immigrants, so that they get the Latino vote?

Then you have Terrorist crossing our border and want to Kill American and Destroy America.........This is TREASON!

These Politicians are Traitors to America and all American Citizens and should be tried for Treason and thrown in Federal Prison for 50 years.