Monday, August 2, 2010

Corruption’s New Look in Pelosi’s House: Violating Ethics While Black!

By John W. Lillpop

Not so very long ago, a popular refrain by African-Americans was to complain of being targeted by police while operating an automobile.

The catch phrase was DWB, or Driving While Black.

DWB has been replaced, at least in Nancy Pelosi’s Corrupt House, by a new catch phrase: VEWB, or Violating Ethics While Black.

Although not specifically committed to writing anywhere, it appears that the VEWB is an exclusive, open –to- black –Democrats- only institution.

Past members in good standing include William Jefferson and Cynthia McKinney.

Add to VEWB’s growing ranks the name of Maxine Watters, she of California.

As reported, in part, at

“WASHINGTON – California Democrat Maxine Waters faces a House trial this fall on three charges of ethical wrongdoing, setting the stage for a second election-season public airing of ethics problems for a longtime Democratic lawmaker.

“The charges focus on whether Waters broke the rules in requesting federal help for a bank where her husband owned stock and had served on the board of directors. She denied the charges Monday.”

Ms. Waters joins Charles Rangel as the most recent inductee (involuntary) to the muck and grime of VEMB.

Although Barack Obama is not a member of the U.S. House, he is nonetheless qualified by deed and word for membership in VEWB.

Perhaps the president’s story will be told in a Bill of Impeachment--soon?