Friday, August 13, 2010

The Battle To Save Marriage Continues

By TVC Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon

Vaughn Walker, the homosexual federal judge who ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional, has lifted a stay on "gay" marriage in California while the appeals process begins.

Homosexuals can line up to get "married" as soon as August 18th.

The lifting of the stay was expected, just as his pro-gay, anti-traditional marriage ruling was expected. It is also predictable that the liberal 9th Circuit Court will not overrule Walker's decision.

This whole case will move on to the U.S. Supreme Court. The process could take until 2012. If the Supreme Court upholds Walker's assault on democracy, gay marriage will be imposed on all 50 states and the will of the people will be meaningless.

Once the 9th Circuit Court refuses to overturn Walker's violation of the will of the people to amend the California Constitution, school districts throughout the state will aggressively promote homosexuality as a viable alternative to children. Opposition to gay marriage will be considered discriminatory and against the law.

Unfortunately, homosexual marriage appears to be on a freeway going full speed, but ultimately homosexual marriage is on a dead end street culturally. Psychological and anthropological studies prove that homosexual behavior is inherently disordered. Those who engage in such behaviors have higher incidence of mental disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse (alcohol and drugs), domestic violence and disrupted interpersonal relationships.

Homosexual activists have openly stated that their ultimate goal in fighting for "gay" marriage isn't to have stable monogamous relationships, but to destroy the concept of marriage altogether. The LGBT movement has made it clear that they don't care about monogamy, but are looking for societal approval of polyamory, casual sex, and whatever sexual arrangements they deem proper.

LGBT activists are pushing for societal affirmation of their sexual arrangements, no matter how bizarre and they wish to punish anyone who objects.

The main victims in this process are the children whose gender identities have not been fully developed and the public schools will promote homosexuality, trangenderism and homosexual marriage as viable life alternatives. In the process, the children are confused and easily believe that it is a normal life alternative. When thousands of uninvolved parents realize what is happening to their children I suspect there will be a serious backlash to the homosexual marriage issue.

The battle to defend traditional marriage is far from over. It is my hope that millions of Americans will rise up to protest this latest assault on democracy by a liberal – and gay activist judge.