Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barack Obama: 49 Going on 12

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama, once adored by the unwashed masses as The Omnipotent One, is now known as The Impotent One.

Things have gotten so bad for Obama that voters are no longer hesitant about challenging the president, even on his birthday which is August 4.

This year’s birthday message to Obama comes from the great state of Missouri where the people sent our fascist poser a message that roughly translates to, “Get stuffed—sir!”
At issue was ObamaCare, Democrats’ attempt to take health care out of the hands of individual citizens and deliver it as another part of life that is dictated by the government.

And why not? What with the great successes of the federal government in managing Social Security, Medicare, the federal deficit, unemployment, and other issues of great importance, why not include health care as an issue that government controls?

However, the people of Missouri beg to differ as reported at, in part:

“WASHINGTON – Missouri voters' overwhelming opposition to requiring nearly all Americans to buy health insurance puts one of the least popular parts of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law back in the political crosshairs.

“Even if the vote sets no legally binding precedent, it will help mobilize foes of Obama's agenda in the fall midterm elections, and that could make a difference in some states with close congressional races that could decide the balance of power in Washington.

“On Tuesday, Missouri voters cast 71 percent of their ballots in favor of a state measure to bar the government from requiring people to carry health insurance, and penalizing those who don't.”

Seventy one percent, Mr. President!  Who would have imagined that there were that many right-wing racists in Missouri, sir?

In any event, Happy 49th!