Monday, August 30, 2010

August/28/10 has come and gone!

Thank God that nightmare is finished! Those Tea Party/extreme-religious-fanatics are done vandalizing Washington D.C. The left can breathe with relief because it is over.

Unfortunately, the taxpayer’s are left with the expense of cleaning-up the atrocious vandalism perpetrated by the totally out-of-control right-wing gangs which turned-over cars, burned innocent people’s homes, beat-up blacks and those who disagree with them, etc., etc. Who will compensate the poor victims of the excesses of the uncontrollable right?

The total number of Swastikas, pornographic signs, foul language used in this “Restoring Honor” rally could not be counted but a rough estimate suggests they were in the hundreds of thousands. Considering that some Marxist media have estimated the attendance at 87,000, everyone must have been carrying several signs for the duration of the event. How uncomfortable! Do we have any pictures of that?

I’m told that Nancy Pelosi saw the signs which doesn’t surprise me since it is not the first time she’s seen them.

What’s that? I’ve got it all wrong? There were no Swastikas, practically no signs except for very few mild and acceptable ones? No violence at all? No one arrested out of more than 500,000 attendees? It was all peaceful? Do you mean that the right-wing mob didn’t attack “the other rally” that was held by the extreme left?

Well, I wasn’t there but I’m going by what the “fringe press” and the current administration were prognosticating! Were they wrong? Yes? I don’t believe it! The “Fringe Media” known before as the Main Stream Media was wrong? Were they as wrong this time as they were when they willfully participated in the Barry Soetoro cover-up instead of doing their sacred duty of vetting him?

Well, if there was no violence, one must assume that the likes of ACORN, SEIU, New Black Panthers (clubs and all) etc., were not invited or didn’t manage to sneak-in.

What do you know, we were lied to and the participants were not the religious-fanatics, ferociously-vindictive bastards we were told they were by the current Marxist administration.

Praise The Lord, America can still be saved for it has been proven time and again, that the “right” does things right, while the left is vile and violent.

All we need now is for the average American to realize that he/she has been duped and throw the bad Americans out of office.

The world owes an immense debt of gratitude to Glenn Beck, who has been risking his life unmasking the enemies of the nation for so long, as well as all the people involved in organizing, speaking at and attending this rally. God Bless You All!

It takes guts (although I prefer Sarah Paling’s choice of words) to confront the Marxist that prevail in this administration, knowing that they will stop at nothing to achieve their anti-American goals. For instance, they do use instruments like the IRS to investigate and intimidate those who criticize them while some of their friends like the SEIU just take matters into their own hands and beat the crap out of Tea Party attendees.

Joseph A. Gamero