Monday, August 9, 2010

At Worth Reading we are working to help inform people

Link to Things Worth ReadingAt Worth Reading we are working to help inform people, to let them see what is going on and then become motivated enough to do something about it. Worth Reading is a site that tells you what the MSM will not.

Why? Because we know and believe that our country is heading down a very dangerous path. The liberals, and Obama's 'crew' especially, are working to remove the basics that made this nation great.

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We are Americans. this is something the world has always respected. We have a simple core, leave us alone and we will do it ourselves. We will pursue our happiness, as is our God given right. We do not need anyone to hand out to us, to regulate us, to tell us what we can and can not do. To tell us what we can and can not succeed at.

We will work hard, to build our future. We do not want the government to take away all of our HARD EARNED money, just to hand it out to people THEY decide should have it.

We believe in the simple rule of LAW, so when people sneak into our country - breaking our law - we do not like it or want to have the government hand them our hard earned money just to get new patsies voting for them.

The liberals have a simple belief, they know better than you. They want to tell you what you can and can not do. They want to take away your money. They want to keep power by controlling people. The simple method they use is called entitlements. They take YOUR money, and simply give it to their patsies. They then control these patsies, heart and soul. I mean, if the government is giving you housing, food, money, education etc. why would you go against them? The government might take the free stuff away from them... Then, oh my, they might have to sacrifice the easier life and work harder to live and get ahead!

Thus these patsies have lost their freedom... and they do not even realize it.

Can you make a Monthly Donation? Small or large, it is a great help! $20, $35, $50, $75, $100

Here at Worth Reading, we are working to inform the people. Not just YOU, but your neighbor, your cousin, your coworker. We need to let the people who only hear from the liberal obama slobbering left wing media that there is more going on, we work to let them hear the truth. Then we try to motivate them to ACT upon the truth.

Please help us succeed in our task. Our country is such a precious thing. A Nation made great by people banded together on simple principles of freedom.

Will you make a Monthly Donation? Small or large, it is a great help! $20, $35, $50, $75, $100

Each one of us, working together, this is what makes us powerful. This is what makes us GREAT. This is what gives us our heritage. We are a FREE, SELF-RELIANT, INDEPENDENT people.

Government, leave us alone. Let us keep our money, we will spend it to make our lives better, which in turn will energize our economy like it never has been before.

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