Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Worth Reading: “Illegal Aliens Exempt From ICE Enforcement” plus 9 more

Worth Reading: “Illegal Aliens Exempt From ICE Enforcement” plus 9 more

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Illegal Aliens Exempt From ICE Enforcement

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 08:18 PM PDT

by Jim Kouri "If you ask me, the Obama administration is attacking the wrong people. But I'm not surprised... liberal-left politicians always side with criminals, terrorists and other malefactors." - Former NYPD Detective. Although he claims…

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Mayor: Arrested Christians 'attacked' Michigan city

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 08:00 PM PDT

Authorities blast missionaries hauled off to jail for 'disturbing peace' By Chelsea Schilling - WND The case of four Christians arrested at a recent Arab festival in Dearborn, Mich., is heating up with the mayor publicly blasting the group in a letter, claiming the city "has been under attack for several years" by the missionaries. The Christians were arraigned today o…

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N.J. top court rules police must explain DWI test laws in native language

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:33 PM PDT

EDITORS NOTE: Anyone in NJ from Afganistan, speak arabic? hmmm, wonder if the cops speak Swahili also... THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TRENTON — Police in New Jersey must explain the state's implied consent law to motorists in a language that they understand, the state Supreme Court ruled on Monday. In a 4…

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Genocide Awareness Day

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:16 PM PDT

Mike Adams Author's Note: Today's column is a modified excerpt of a chapter in my book Feminists Say the Darndest Things, which was published in 2008. Dear Director of Diversity: I am interested in working together with the Office of Campus Diversity in order to bring a new event to UNCW's African American History Month, which was previously known as "February." The event that I envision is a Genocide Awareness Day, which…

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Yes, We Kenya!

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:15 PM PDT

Ken Blackwell President Obama made much of the Executive Order he signed last March. It was supposed to stop federal funding of abortion. It was given as a fig leaf to formerly pro-life Democrats who had voted for ObamaCare and enabled it to pass, narrowly, in the House of Representatives. Most pro-life Americans knew the Obama order was a charade. We have had this administration pushing vigorously for abortion-on-demand from the first day they took office. Secretary of State Hillary...

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PRESS RELEASE: Repeal of Socialized Medicine Gains Momentum in U.S. House!

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:13 PM PDT

By John W. Lillpop The following press release (1) was issued by Congressman Steve King concerning the repeal of the Marxist health care fiasco passed by the Nancy Pelosi House of Ill Repute: "Washington D.C.- Congressman Steve King (R-IA) today announced that efforts to force the House of Representatives to vote on legislation providing for a 100% repeal of "Obamacare" continued to gain momentum, with the addition of the 109th signature. T…

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How Long Before Obama Takes Credit for Fixing Oil Leak?

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:11 PM PDT

By John W. Lillpop Now that it appears as though BP has successfully capped the oil leak in the Gulf, The One and his Chicago handlers are no doubt huddled in dark, secluded rooms of the White House writing out a script for Obama to use to in taking credit for ending the mess. With the same brazen disregard for facts used in declaring that he "S…

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The YMCA Name Change

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:10 PM PDT

Andrea Lafferty I was disappointed but not surprised to see news reports today that the Young Men's Christian Association or YMCA has changed its name officially to simply "the Y." Official spokespeople for the Y were quick to point out that the change occurred for "marketing and branding purposes." The organization has now expanded its mission way beyond building Christian character in young people to other more "relevant matters." The always helpful New York Times reported in its...

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Norway’s Welcomed News & Wake-up Call

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 06:09 PM PDT

By Van D. Hipp, Jr., former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army This week brought welcomed news and a wake-up call in the Global War on Terror from the Land of the Midnight Sun. Norwegian police officials confirmed on Thursday morning that they had arrested three men with connections to Al Qaeda and plans to carry out terrorist attacks not unlike those stymied in New York City and Manchester, England last year. The arrest was…

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Discovering America’s Christian Heritage Part 4 Discovering Our Christian Heritage (3)

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 09:48 AM PDT

Discovering America's Christian Heritage Part 4 Discovering Our Christian Heritage (3) …

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