Friday, July 9, 2010

Special Edition - Black Panthers ...

Special Edition - Black Panthers ...

Video: Former Justice Official Accuses Obama DOJ of Ignoring Cases Involving Black Defendants and White Victims

Video: Black Panther Shabazz on Russian TV: It’s All Fox News’ Fault

Blog Post: Justice Department Whistleblower Ignored by News Media

Blog Post: Black Panthers Alleged Voter Intimidation Case Remains in Limbo

Video: Black Panther Leader to Beck and Tea Partiers: ‘Ready to Rumble’

Video: President of New Black Panther Party Admits Plan to Intimidate Voters

Video: Before the Obama Justice Dept Dropped Charges Against Him, Black Panther Advocated Killing White Babies

Video: New Black Panther President Praises Bin Laden

Video: Shabazz: White America ‘Hasn’t Given Me Nothing In America’

Video: Philadelphia Black Panther Leader Preaches Revolution

Blog Post: Barack Obama’s Distorted “Notions of Fairness”

Blog Post: CAIR Continues Legal and Propaganda Assault on Counterterrorists

Blog Post: Ex-Marxist Says He Knew Obama As Marxist-Leninist In College

Blog Post: Violence is like free-speech, it’s only O.K. when the left uses it!

Blog Post: President Obama’s Urgent Need for “Reform” School

Blog Post: Obama's extremist pal declares 'socialism has a future'

Blog Post: Justice Lawyer Accuses Holder of Dropping Black Panther Case -- for Racial Reasons...

Blog Post: What about Voter Intimidation by Black Panthers, Mr. President?

Blog Post: Whitewashing Black Racism

Blog Post: Lawsuit: Explain mixing nightsticks with voters

Blog Post: Ann Coulter: Oh, Canada!

Blog Post: Unprecedented Arrogance

Blog Post: Barack Obama Has Awakened a Sleeping Nation

Video: Black Panther Shabazz on Russian TV: It’s All Fox News’ Fault


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