Sunday, June 27, 2010

OBAMAs NEXT TAKE OVER, THE INTERNET... What will he take over next, Ice Cream Parlors? Hair Salons?

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Palin: Obama administration selling out allies

Want Encouragement from the Government on jobs? You Won't get it from Biden!

OBAMAs NEXT TAKE OVER, THE INTERNET... What will he take over next, Ice Cream Parlors? Hair Salons?

Al-Qaeda and FARC: The Unholy Alliance

It's Time To Wake Up To Reality


Obama Fires McChrystal - We Can Fire Obama

Collateral Damage in Obama's War on Arizona

The Marxists in the White House have already run out of other people’s money!

Obama calls for bank tax as next step in reform... tax, then tax, then tax more, then tax, then tax again...

OBAMA AT G8: 'Lot of golf courses here?'... He so serious about his job huh?

Congressman John Boehner Willing to Present Obama Resignation Petitions to House, Get Busy Sending!

I have decided I will take the title racist and wear it proudly if it means :

Why Does Naming of Hurricanes Exclude Muslim Names?

Many Americans are still failing to connect the dots...

World News through the Third Lens: Here Comes the Judge

Blanket Legalization for Millions of Illegals? You decide Foxnews,

Army Casualty

BP Makes Largest Political Contribution in U.S. History

Fanning the Flames of Feminism


Breaking: Sen. Robert Byrd Hospitalized

‘I’m Calling Their Bluff’ – Obama Goes Partisan on International Stage

Not Natural Born

Obama's 'Border Security'

Stand Up

Biden Calls Manager Who Told Him To Lower Taxes A "Smartass"

MVCC Oakley-People, Just Plain People--Airline Pilot

Garofalo: Bible is ‘Work of Fiction Targeted to Child-like Audience’

Reporters Caught on Open Mic Bashing Sarah Palin

South Carolina's 4th District Primary - Bob Inglis

Victoria Jackson: "There's A Communist Living in the White House!!"

‘Baby Bong’ Photo Causes Uproar