Thursday, February 4, 2010

President Obama Lectures Christians On ‘Civility’

By TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty

I have been here in Washington for awhile and I have seen many National Prayer Breakfasts come and go. This morning, I closed my eyes and listened to President Obama’s address and heard what amounted to a lecture on how America needs to be more “civil.” But when I opened my eyes, I expected to be in some high school gymnasium in one of the primary states like Iowa or New Hampshire, a typical contrived campaign event.

These days Mr. Obama’s soaring rhetoric is running on empty as the American people have had a chance to shine a light on and examine his promise of change and transparency in government. We now have a President and government which is deliberately opaque not transparent. And things have changed but not for the better.

Now that Americans have had some time to ask questions of and examine Mr. Obama a little more closely, his polling numbers have gone subterranean (we should start drilling for oil that far down). And now that his numbers have tanked, Mr. Obama reminds us to treat him “civilly.” This from someone who has Rahm “I Thought Mother Was An Adjective” Emmanuel as his chief of staff and Rev. Jeremiah “I Never Met a Man I Didn’t Hate” Wright as his pastor.

President Obama argues for “civility” even as he pushes abortion and homosexuality with all of the muscle available to the federal government. While other Presidents have talked about appointing the “best and the brightest” to key posts, Mr. Obama offers us the “most extreme and least talented.”

Bottom line – the President talked about “civility” and then launched into a long finger-pointing diatribe against most Americans who do not share his support for homosexuality, abortion, big government, and out-of-control spending. And how do you talk about intolerance without mentioning Islam?