Friday, October 16, 2009

Sen. Snowe and Collins, Go Home!

By Oscar Y. Harward

There is nothing unique about Sen. Snowe, or for that part Sen. Collins, voting with the Liberal Democrats. I believe any full report will show that Sen. Snowe and Sen. Collins both vote with the Liberal Democrats at least 2 out of any 3 critical votes in the US Senate.

It makes you question as to why either one of the two continue to claim themselves as Republicans. Both are two of a few more who make Americans ask, ‘What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans?’ It is these 2 Liberal registered Republicans In Name Only (RINO), along with a few other Moderate to Liberal Republicans who continue to negotiate away the precious fiscal and social values within our GOP Platform. In giving away our precious fiscal and social values, the Democrats win, and American Conservatives lose.

ObamaCare, as it is currently being presented, and Cap and Trade, is an additional tax and/or penalties on the individual, as well as businesses. Everyone should know that all businesses must pass all taxes and penalties along to the consumers. These additional taxes and/or penalties on the taxpayers, and/or consumers, become more burdensome. Additional taxes and/or penalties on businesses make their own businesses less competitive in the world market, forcing layoffs and/or putting them out of business, thus creating more unemployment. The only solution to that cure is to put tariffs on imports forcing Americans to purchase American made products. That is fine, except until all other nations impose additional tariffs on American imports. When American businesses are not exporting their products and/or services, as foreigners are not purchasing because of increased pricing due to their own nations’ tariffs, this forces the American businesses required to lay off employees and/or go out of business. Forcing ObamaCare and/or Cap and Trade deteriorates out fragile economy.

Now would be an excellent time for Sen. Snowe, Sen. Collins and a few other RINO’s these to join President Obama’s Socialist program and Sen. Specter to go Liberal/Socialist to leave himself a legacy. This Obama Socialistic idealism is destroying the values for our forefathers’ freedoms.

Sen. Snowe and Sen. Collins, go home to your Liberal Democrat Party! Shucks, take ‘Flimsy Lindsey’ Graham (R-SC) with you. With ‘Flimsy Lindsey’, the only Conservative vote Conservatives can count on is his support for our troops, and he is also a member of the Reserves. Could that be the only reason? Is ‘Flimsy Lindsey’ just serving himself?

Allow others to save our American economy. Let the Conservative Freedoms ring!